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  We know — there are new vegan products hopping into the market all the time. How is anyone, especially vegan newbies, supposed to know which are the keepers? It’s tough out there. Allow us to help narrow your search. Raw, vegan Snickers bars by The Blended Vegan We’ll agree with Snickers — you’re not […]

What do you buy a vegan for their birthday, Christmas or some other special occasion? Buying presents for you vegan friend needn’t be a nightmare, you just need to know where to look. Here’s a few ideas to get your brain ticking over: Massages, Pedicures and Spa Days Treat your friend to a massage or treatment […]

1. No animals are harmed Over 1 billion animals are slaughtered for the global leather industry every year, according to PETA. If people stopped buying/ wanting leather products, these animals wouldn’t be being bred to die for their skins. 2. Yes, shoes do count! It’s staggering how many people recoil in horror at the idea […]

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  1) Feed people nice vegan food Cook for friends, host a supper club, bring snacks to work. Sharing food is a simple and friendly gesture. A delicious home-cooked vegan meal can build positive connections and showcases the wide variety of options and flavors a vegan diet can provide. Some people don’t even think about […]